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Johann Sebastiani's (1622–1683) opera “Pastorello Musicale”

2 September 2017, 17.30–19.30


Artistic director and conductor Rodrigo Calveyra
Assistant to the artistic director Juan Manuel Quintana

Directed by Karina Novikova

Roles and performers:

Thyrsis - Florian Just (baritone)
Chrysille, echo, Lampetia - Renata Dubinskaitė (mezzo soprano)
Svavie, Electra - Ieva Gaidamavičiūtė (soprano)
Philenus - Algirdas Bagdonavičius (tenor)
Lucidor, Widdod, Angerapp - Hugo Oliveira (bass baritone)
Cupid, Venus, Phaetusa - Solar Chery (mezzo-soprano)

Rodolfo Richter, David Wish (violin)
Rodrigo Calveyra, Ieva Baublytė, Indrė Kučinskaitė (longitudinal flutes)
Juan Manuel Quintana, Heidi Groeger (violos da gamba)
Shizuko Noiri (archiliutnia)
Michael Freimuth (theorb, guitar)
Jean-Michel Forest (cello)
Davide Pozzi (harpsichord)

The programme of events for the Day of Old Opera will culminate with the world premiere of Johann Sebastiani opera’s “Pastorello Musicale’s” production at the Grand Renaissance Hall in the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. The score for the opera was regarded missing since 1945, until it was rediscovered in 2001 in Vilnius, the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences Vrublevsky Library, where it is held today. It is symbolic that the piece held in Vilnius will be restored according to the recently published modern score by the capitol’s international old music ensemble “Canto Fiorito”.

“Pastorello Musicale” is one of the earliest German operas surviving to this day, created in 1663 by the Chancery Master of Königsberg Johann Sebastiani. The piece is written in the style of Italian madrigal opera, following the Florentian opera tradition, and reflects the mid-17th c. opera production traditions in the region of the Baltic sea. The opera consists of five acts (each consisting of 3-4 scenes), arias, recitatives, duets, ensembles and short instrumental episodes. Well-known Baroque characters appear in the narrative of “Pastorello Musicale”, such as Amur, Venus, the shepherd Tyrus, and evocatively reveal the traits of pastoral poetry of the late Renaissance and Baroque periods, which will transport the listeners to the age of the flourishing Renaissance and Baroque.

Tickets – 6, 9, 12, 15 Eur

Tickets can be purchased at the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and “Bilietai LT” ticket office, as well as the web page (service fees are applied).

Partner “Canto Fiorito”

Sponsors: Lithuanian Culture Council, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, GOETHE Institute in Vilnius.

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